Artist's Intro

Gordon Baldwin

A Large Bowl on Foot ‘Black Rise’ A Rare Early SculptureBowl


The role I take is Artist as explorer with the vessel as my basic structure (like the structure of a Haiku)
Each piece begins out of a strange compulsion to take certain action. I suppose the compulsion comes from things heard, things seen, things read, things done by drawing and previous work.
I usually work in a series constructing by the traditional method of coiling discovering the piece as I proceed. It is an intuitive process carried on without analytical thought,
The piece is made when the resonances are right (for me). The Titles hint at the effect the pieces have on me and the contacts that have been made within the soup of my experience.
The surfaces are dealt with weeks or months later. A lot of staring at the pieces is involved – a sort of thoughtless gaze until there is necessary action.
Of course each new piece is informed by the experiences I have already had in the studio.
Different sorts of darkness and different sorts of silence are concepts that interest me.
I work from an inner compulsion to explore my identity by working,