Artist's Intro

Jonathan Wade

Small Dark Textured VesselMap IDark Textured Vessel


My own process begins through a fascination with objects that express varied qualities of ambiguousness, intervention, transience or coincidence. I might find these in the layering and chance combinations of form, texture and colour in man-made landscapes, or by the examination of particular natural objects.

My aim is to produce sculptural pieces that capture something of their source through my analysis and making processes. I would hope to influence the viewer by certain aspects of the object’s appearance, display or association, or by harnessing the viewer’s experience and imagination.

 I use diverse clay bodies and firing temperatures, chosen as the best solution for each piece. Varied hand-building techniques are used, as well as machine forming techniques such as on a lathe or potters wheel. At some times the processes are meticulous and careful, and at other times intentionally quick.