Artist's Intro

Bruno Romanelli



Born 1968, England

1993-1995 Royal College of Art, MA Glass
1988-1991 Staffordshire University, BA (Hon) Glass Design

Working in London


"The circle is a symbol of wholeness, of unity, of one and of all. It is the most fundamental and universal of shapes.  It symbolises life and the continuum of the lifecycle.

The circle is at the heart of all my current work and it is there that each piece begins its life, born out of this one single shape to become complex pieces made up of many parts.  Using the principles of Form, Colour and Light, my quest is to achieve a perfect combination of these three fundamental elements within my chosen material, glass.

Geometry, symmetry, balance, precision & harmony are all underlying themes within the work.  The control of light and colour is central to the work as is the relationship and balance of the individual forms.  It is this combination of light, colour, form, material and their relationship that creates harmony and energy within the work."

Bruno Romanelli