Jacqueline Ryan - Work for sale

Ocean; Clam CollierSquare Interlocking EarringsRound Brooch with Oval Mobile ConesEarrings with Mobile ConesAragosta Wave BroochOcean: Tridacna BroochRing with Moveable ConesRing with Moveable ConesRing with Moveable ConesOcean; Angel Wing EarringsReef; Angel Fish EarringsOcean; Oval Clam EarringsOcean; Twin Clam EarringsOcean; Twin Clam EarringsSmall Beech Nut EarringsOcean; Holothuria EarringsNecklaceBeech Nut Brooch with studies drawingBeech Nut EarringsSquare brooch with lentil-shaped forms Hexagonal BroochNecklaceSquare Brooch