Artist's Intro

Yuki Ferdinandsen

OriginZen IIZen II


“Through my life in Denmark and in the Danish culture, I see Japan through a Danish filter. I want to sense these two vastly different cultures and allow them to re-arrange naturally.

My inspiration always comes from nature, expressed through the Fibonacci sequence. With my hammer, with its small bumps, I form a plate of silver; this solid piece has a floating appearance, while retaining flexibility. It has durability, weight, light, reflection, contrast, and silver’s unique brilliance. Silver’s gloss is hot and cold simultaneously – it is this gloss and disposition that is the charm of working with silver.

I create my works with a fusion of a traditional Japanese artisan technique, arare, and Danish modern design, in mind.  I enjoy every stroke, and every strike is followed by a step of the foot. This is work that never suffers from fatigue. I feel every sound of the rhythm of my ‘hammer’s dance’ in the whole of my body and within my soul.”