Artist's Intro

Hiroshi Suzuki

Aqua-Poesy X Gold BeakerSeni VaseSeni Vase

Principal Dealer

We present all of Hiroshi Suzuki's work as his principal dealer, featuring his work in our exhibitions and catalogues as well as sending works of art to other galleries and exhibitions on his behalf. Thus, at any moment, we know where all available works of art by Hiroshi Suzuki are.

Hiroshi Suzuki has become both a leading contemporary silver artist and a part of the history of English Silver in a short number of years. Japanese by birth and having a BA from Tokyo University, Hiroshi Suzuki came to the UK completed his MA at the Royal College of Art in 1999. Complex and unparalleled forms are created by Hiroshi from a flat sheet of silver with extraordinary skills that are universally admired by museums and collectors.