Artist's Intro

Michael Eden

Pink VortexAphroditeNautilus

Principal Dealer

We present all of Michael Eden’s work as his principal dealer, featuring his work in our exhibitions and catalogues as well as sending works of art to other galleries and exhibitions on his behalf.

A well-respected and established potter, Michael Eden completed an MPhil at the Royal College of Art in 2008, concentrating on the development of a new body of work that explored the abstract qualities of the container.  Utilising and developing the combination of drawing, 3D software, traditional hand skills, and digital technology, his research brought together revolutionary tools and materials for the first time and the launch of his Wedgwoodn't Tureen.  Since then Michael has continued to push digital technology further producing more complex and larger works whilst staying true to his original intention that each piece should be a unique object.  "Three-dimensional printing allows the customization of objects, and gives me the creative freedom to do things impossible with the wheel and clay."