Artist's Intro

Takeshi Igawa

Line and SurfaceLine and SurfaceLine and Surface


I use a traditional Japanese urushi, Japanese lacquer, as the main and essential material for executing my work. Urushi, is a high-quality material particular to East Asia and is made from the sap of the urushi tree, [Rhusn Verniciflua]. As it has no form of its own, I have pursued the expression of beauty of this material without using makie decoration, but through the application of several coats of urushi using traditional Japanese lacquer techniques.

The Line and Surface series is made using the kanshitsu technique. Each piece is fashioned with many layers of hemp cloth soaked with lacquer; the surface details being subsequently modelled with a mixture of lacquer, sawdust, powdered clay stone, and other materials. The mould is very important and I spend a great deal of time perfecting the carved shape.