Hitomi Hosono - Work for sale

A Chrysanthemum Round BoxA Zenmai Bowl A Tall Keyaki VaseA Komorebi TowerA Very Small Michikusa BoxA Very Small Wisteria BowlA Komorebi BowlA Very Large Nazuna VaseA Tall Nazuna VaseA Round Zenmai BoxA Very Small Pierced Mangrove Box with Dancing TopA Mangrove Forest BowlA Dancing Nazuna BowlA Cluster of English DaisiesA Large Pansies BowlA Rose BowlA Cluster of PansiesA Very Large Banana Leaves TowerA Tall Keyaki VaseA Rose BowlA Rose BowlA Black Dancing Leaves BowlA Tall Black Wisteria BoxA Mangrove Leaf BowlAn Oval Cherry Blossom BowlA Large Black Dewdrop TowerA Black Dew Drop BoxA Large Orange Coral BowlA Tall Black Wisteria BoxA Petite Mangrove BowlA Tall Petite Mangrove VesselA Tall Keyaki VesselA Tall Dew Drop BoxA Tall Grape BoxA Tall Feather Leaves VaseColouring and Carving - Tropical Island Project: A Tall Hibiscus VesselLarge Pink Cherry Blossom BowlLeaves TowerSmall Black Oval BowlBlack Leaves TowerA Pale Peach Cherry Blossom Box, Dancing TopA Large Yellow Coral BowlA Banana Flower VesselLarge Wisteria TowerSoyo Kaze Tower