A Fine Pair of Biscuit Figure Groups, 1757-70

The Sèvres factory made these shapes from 1757 designed from engravings of images created by the famous artist François Boucher.

La Lanterne Magique has a rare incised mark of an arrow whilst Le Tourniquet is incised B for the period in which Bachelier was in charge of the sculpture studio at the factory.

Examples of these figure groups of children playing were first sold to Louis XV and others belonged to Empress Maria-Theresa of Austria as well as to Madame de Pompadour.   Examples are nowadays in The Victoria & Albert Museum, London and in the Wrightsman Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Magic Lantern Height 15.8 cm
Spinning Pointer Height 15 cm


Sold to an American Collector, 2005



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