A French 18th Century Soft-Paste Vincennes Porcelain Plate painted by Armand, 1754

Wtth the factory mark in blue enclosing at the apex the date-letter A for 1754.  Near the rim the painter’s mark of a crescent for Louis-Denis Armand l’aîné (active at Vincennes and Sèvres 1746-88).

This form of plate is first mentioned in the general inventory of 1752 – two moulds for it are listed, presumably one for ‘assiette à groseilles‘ and one for the ‘assiette à groseilles à coquilles‘ which has scallop shells additionaly moulded along the rim.  The earliest firing of this form of plate was late 1751.

Specific mentions of assiettes à groseilles decorated with birds in the Sales Records at Vincennes are rare, but two entries could possibly refer to this plate.

On 9th May 1754 one ‘assiette à groseille‘ painted with ‘oiseaux‘ was sold for 24 livres to M. de Fontpertuis.  However there is another matching plate to this example in collection of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, so a listing of one being sold is not ideal.

Two more plates listed as of this shape were also sold to M. de Fontpertuis, on the 3rd October 1754 described as decorated with birds are listed ‘à terrasses’ (within small landscapes) and they cost 36 livres each.  The birds are typical of Armand’s work in 1754, when he began to observe anatomy more correctly, even if the birds were fantastic rather than real. 

Monsieur de Fontpertuis may refer to either the fermier général Jean-Jacques-Papillon de Fontpertuis (1715-1774) who was also was intendant et contrôleur général de l’Argenterie, menus plaisirs et affaires de la Chambre du Roi for ten year from 1752-1762 and therefore very aware of the newest products of the Vincennes and Sèvres manufactory.  The purchases could also have been made by the conseiller au parlement Louis Angran de Fontpertuis (1719-1784).

Height 3.5cm
Diameter 25.5cm


£ 16,500


£ $

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