A Hard-Paste Sèvres Porcelain Saucer, 1774

This is a large saucer (soucoupe for a gobelet Litron of the 1st size) in hard-paste porcelain.  It has marks of the factory mark, crowned for hard-paste, date-letter V for 1774, painter’s mark for Michel Socquet (active 1753, 1756-64, 1773-74), gilder’s mark for Nicolas Schradre (active 1773-85).

The scene is taken from Gabriel Huquier’s engraving after François Boucher, “Chinois et Chinoise pêchant au bord d’un vivier » from the series « Scènes de la Vie Chinoise » of 1742-44. This print must have been in the factory’s collection.

Diameter 15.5cm


£ 2,800


£ $