A Pair of Sèvres Cups & Saucers from the Earl of Clare’s Service, 1787

This pair of gobelets Litrons et soucoupes of the second size are decorated with a multicoloured frieze pattern on a purple background.

They are from a dinner service bought in Paris in 1787 by the English diplomat William Eden on behalf of the Irish politican John Fitzgibbon, Earl of Clare. The set included 18 cups and saucers of this size costing 54 livres each.

Factory marks in blue and puce enclosing the date-letters KK for 1787 and painter’s mark P.B. for J. J. P. Boucot and Jean-Jacques Pierre, gilder’s marks vd for P. J. B. Vandé.

Height of Cup 5.3cm
Diameter of Saucer 12.1cm


£ 8,400


£ $