A pair of very rare Sèvres Vases Danemark à Ornements, circa 1765

Rosalind Savill, Director of The Wallace Collection, has suggested that this shape of vase was designed at Sèvres in 1764, ‘perhaps in gratitude for Denmark’s role in the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763) or to celebrate the visit to Paris in that year of Joachim Godsake Moltke, son of the Danish King’s influential advisor (Count Moltke)’.

Two other pairs of vases of this model are known. Those at Goodwood House, Sussex, are dated 1765 and have green ground and are painted with harbour and military scenes. They were purchased by the 3rd Duke of Richmond from the Sèvres factory in November 1765. A pair in the Werner Collection are undated and have green ground and are painted with military scenes and flowers. The Goodwood pair were sold for 960 livres which was a very high price for a pair of vases.


Alfred de Rothschild (1842-1918)
Sir John Milsom Rees (died 1952)

Heights 21.4cm and 21.2cm


Sold to private collection, USA



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