A Pair of Vincennes Beakers & Saucers, 1754-55 & 1755-56

These ‘gobelets et soucoupes‘ are of the same proportion as a standard model of cup and saucer made at Vincennes, the ‘gobelet à la Reine‘, though the latter would always have a handle. It is rather rare to find the shape made as a beaker.

These are painted with very fine bouquets of flowers in colours and are signed with the mark of a heart for the painter A-L Fontelliau on one and on the other an unidentified painter’s mark Z.

From a noble British collection.

Probably part of four very unusual sets of cups without handles bought by Lord Bolingbroke from the Parisian dealer Lazare Duvaux in each year from 1755 to 1758.

Height of Beakers 8.2 cm
Diameter of Saucers 14.7 cm




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