A Sèvres Soft-Paste Circular Dish, 1775-78

This circular Sèvres dish (compotier rond) is from the Sèvres service made from 1775 to 1778 and purchased in 1778 or later by Count Carl Sparre, a Swedish soldier and courtier.  This dish has the factory marks, the date letter z for 1777 and the painter’s mark for Jacques-François-Louis de Laroche (active 1758-1801) and the gilder Guillaume Noël (active 1755-1807).

Count Sparre certainly accompanied the Swedish King Gustav III to Paris on a visit in 1784, but it is not known when he purchased it.  After Sparre’s death in 1791 it was purchased by Gustav III for use at his newly-built Haga Pavillion, Stockholm.  The service is mentioned in the King’s posthumous inventory in the following year when it comprised 210 pieces.  About half of the service is still in the Swedish Royal collections but the other half was taken abroad by King Gustav IV after he went into exile following his abdication in 1809.  A large part of that group was sold at auction in 2000 and is now in a private collection in the USA.

Diameter 21.5cm


£ 4,800


£ $