A Sèvres Flower Vase, circa 1761

This cuvette Verdun is decorated with the pale turquoise-blue ground colour called petit verd which was only used at Sèvres from about 1760-64. It does not have a date letter but it has the painters mark of J.-F. Micaud. The scheme of gilding around the reserve is very unusual;  based on the style of a French carved and gilded wooden frame for an oil painting.

We have sold two other flower vases of exactly this shape and scheme of decoration in recent years – one was the same size as this example and the other was a degree larger in size. Having discovered the present third vase it is clear that they were made together as a garniture with the slightly larger one in the centre of this and its pair. Each has the same painter’s mark.

From the collection of a famous English Lady.

Height 11.2cm 
Width 24cm 
Depth 11.5cm


Private Collection, UK, 2015



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