A Sèvres Soft-Paste Porcelain Tray, circa 1757

With the factory mark in blue enclosing the date letter D for 1757, adjacent painters mark of a circle for Jean-Jacques Sioux le jeune (active at Vincennes and Sèvres 1752-60).

This shape of tray with basket sides was called a plateau corbeille and could be square, round, lozange-shaped, triangular, six-lobed or octagonal. They can have pierced or full sides. Early examples were included in the turquoise-blue ground Louis XV service of 1753-55, and they are also found as trays for tea services. The 1977-8 Vincennes exhibition catalogue (p.68) states that the octagonal version first appears in the January 1757 factory inventory, but we know of a 1755 example from the Louis XV service, which, like the factory plaster model, has slightly different raised work on the side.

Height 4.9cm
Width 24cm
Depth 24.3cm


Collection of Ruth S. Standon, New York, wife of Frank Stanton, president of CBS.