A Soft-Paste Sèvres Porcelain ‘jewelled’ Cup and Saucer, 1785

A Sèvres ‘jewelled’ Cup and Saucer (gobelet Litron et soucoupe, 3rd size) with bleu nouveau ground.  With the gilded factory mark enclosing the date letters gg for 1785, adjacent gilder’s mark HP for Henri Prévost  (active at Sèvres 1757-97).  He would have gilded the rims, flat lines and highlights on the handle.

This is an excellent example of the ‘jewelled’ decoration used at Sèvres for a short period at the start of the 1780s.  Pieces such as this might have been made in pairs for collectors, but not usually as entire tea services.

Height 5.5cm
Diameter 11.8cm


£ 12,500


£ $