A Soft-Paste Sèvres Porcelain Oval Dish, perhaps from the Manchester Service, circa 1777-83

This compotier ovale has the factory mark and gilder’s marks for Prévost and Chauxvaux but no date letter.   The pattern was made at Sèvres from 1777 to 1783 being sold to very illustrious purchasers.

The largest service of this pattern was presented by Louis XVI through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Duke of Manchester in 1783 to thank him for his role in the negotiation and signing of the Treaty of Navigation and Commerce which came after the end of the War of American Independence.

The Manchester Service subsequently entered the British Royal Collection and when it left the porcelain manufactory had four dishes of this shape, but only two survive in the collection at Windsor Castle.

Since this dish does not have a date letter, it is not possible to establish if it may have come from the Manchester Service or from sets with the scheme sold to the Marquis de Noailles in 1777 perhaps for the French Embassy in London, or sold to the Sèvres director Parent in 1778, Monsieur Billet in 1781, Lord Kerry in 1769, the marchand-mercier Bazin or to Madame du Barry.

Height 3.9cm
Width 27cm
Depth 19.8cm


£ 6,800


£ $