A Soft-Paste Vincennes Porcelain Flower, 1750s

In the early 1750s there was a large workshop at the Vincennes factory which specialised in the production of porcelain flowers.  They were made in many forms both reproducing actual blooms as well as imaginary ones and it was teams of female artists who specialised in this work.  This flower is clearly based on a rose.

Such flowers mainly have a hole so they can be glued to a metal stem and then arranged in groups in various styles of vases, imitating cut flowers.  Often these Vincennes porcelain flowers were purchased by marchands-merciers who sent them to gilt-bronze making studios where they would be fitted as part of the decoration of clocks, wall-lights, chandeliers, candelabra and other luxurious decorative objects.

Diameter 6.2cm


Comte & Comtesse du Niel, Paris to 2012
Private Collection, Spain, 2022



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