A Vincennes or Sèvres Teapot and Cover, 1756

A Vincennes or Sèvres Soft-Paste Porcelain Teapot and Cover (théière Calabre) decorated with monochrome blue landscapes set with children painted with natural skin tones (camaieu blue, enfants chair colorées) which is a fairly rare style of painted decoration of the mid-1750s.  The gilding under the spout and handle is more elaborate on this teapot than on others of this period.

With the factory mark in blue enclosing the date letter C for 1756.  Painter’s mark for André-Vincent Vieillard (active 1752-90) who was the best painter of such monochrome and skin tone subjects.

The factory’s figure painters mostly copied engravings after paintings by François Boucher for scenes with children and putti, keeping the postures but sometimes clothing them, and normally changing their occupation.  In this case, the child holding a wreath is taken from L’Esté, one of Louis-Félix de La Rue’s series of prints Les Saisons (Jean-Richard 1269), and the one holding a cup is taken from Le Feu, one of Louis-Félix de La Rue’s series Les Eléments (Jean-Richard 1277).

From a distinguished German private collection.

Height 11cm
Width 15cm
Depth 8cm


£ 4,800


£ $

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