A Vincennes Sugar Bowl and Cover

This Covered Sugar Bowl (pot à sucre à la Reine) has a dark blue (bleu lapis) ground and reserves of cherubs on clouds after images by the artist François Boucher in pink monochrome (camaïeu rose) with fine rococo gilding.

With the factory mark of interlaced L’s enclosing the date letter B for 1754-55; unidentified painter’s mark 6.

The factory’s figure painters mostly copied engravings after paintings by François Boucher for scenes with children and putti, keeping the postures but sometimes clothing them, and normally changing their occupation.  In this case, the putto playing the flute is taken from La Terre, one of Louis-Félix de La Rue’s series of prints Les éléments (Jean-Richard 1283) and the putto playing drums is taken from L’Automne, one of La Rue’s series Les Saisons (Jean-Richard 1271)

Possibly from the British Royal Collection as inherited by the descendant of a Private Secretary to King George V who believed this was a gift from the King.  Distinguished private German collection 2013-20.

Height 9.5cm
Diameter 8.5cm


Private Collection, USA, 2022



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