Chiemi Watanabe

Born 1989, Toyama, Japan

My glass sculptures are created by the technique of applying a gold inlay. This is a decorative technique of lacquer crafts, and allows me to try new expressions, making full use of the transparency of glass.

By using flat glass, I can explore the boundary between the plane and the solid, and pursue an expression that allows them to intersect as much as possible. Even if I draw a line drawing on a flat surface called flat glass, if the thickness of the glass is 1mm, it will no longer be a plane, and that action will be a three-dimensional approach. The act of considering the outline according to the motif drawn is also a planar approach, and I am making ideas from both sides.

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Working in Yamaguchi, Japan

2012                Glass Certification Studies Program and Advanced Research Studies Programme, Toyama City Institute of Glass Art, Toyama, Japan

2016-2018       Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo, Ishikawa, Japan

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