Lignereux – Designer Gonzague Mézin

Born 1982, Lille, France

When designing the Lignereux creations, I draw from a visual code that mixes the clarity of French taste with the idiosyncrasies of English style. These works unify the creative potential of Paris and London, where Lignereux and his associate Daguerre were well established in the 18th century. Today, as then, Lignereux’s extraordinary objets reflect the personalities of collectors who, like great explorers apprehending new worlds, discover and welcome exceptional works of art into their interiors.

Maison Lignereux was the foremost créateur d’objets d’art in the 18th and 19th centuries. From 1781 and over five political regimes, Lignereux pushed the boundaries of taste within pioneering art objects and furniture. In 1789, it became the first art brand with galleries in Paris and London. The historic Lignereux objets d’art highlighted the collections of such taste setters as Queen Marie-Antoinette, King George IV and Tsar Paul 1. They now feature in the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum, the Palace of Versailles, the Royal Collection, the Hermitage Museum, and major private collections.

In 2015, Maison Lignereux was revived by Gonzague Mézin as a unique creator of contemporary objets d’art. Mézin works closely with twenty-five specialist artisans across six ateliers in France and the UK. He envisages artistic creation as an ongoing research, where innovation counts as much as tradition. He draws his inspiration both from past masterpieces and from the world as it is today. His designing process oscillates between synthesizing, projecting, challenging and overtaking historic shapes and materials.


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Working in London and Paris

2005 HEC Grande Ecole, Paris, France, Business Management
2005 La Sorbonne, Paris, France, Art History

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Selected Press - Lignereux – Designer Gonzague Mézin