Yukito Nishinaka

Wakayama City, Japan, 1964

"I am a storyteller, crafting tales of light and shadow in the language of glass. Through my art, I invite you to witness the dance of life, to embrace the beauty of imperfection, and to discover the eternal flame of hope that flickers within the heart of every shattered vessel."

Yukito Nishinaka is renowned for his distinctive yobitsugi technique, a contemporary interpretation of a traditional Japanese method used to mend tea bowls. Through the fusion of fragments from broken vessels onto the surface of a blown glass core, Nishinaka crafts captivating compositions, layering vibrant shards to forge singular, multifaceted creations.

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Working in Japan

Yukito Nishinaka has work in the following public collections:

Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Musée Cernuschi, Paris
La Fundación Centro Nacional del Vidrio, Segovia, Spain
ISE Foundation, Tokyo, Japan
Daiichi Museum, Nagoya, Japan
Toyama Glass Art Museum, Toyama, Japan
Satsuma Glass History Museum, Kagoshima, Japan
Horyuji Temple, Tokyo, Japan
Hōnen-In Temple, Kyoto, Japan
Naruto City, Tokushima, Japan
Yamaha Music Foundation, Tokyo, Japan
Wakayama City,Japan

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