Takeshi Yasuda

Born 1943, Tokyo, Japan

Takeshi Yasuda makes wheel-thrown pots meant for use. His early work was in stoneware clay glazed with a white slip, with manganese and copper to produce pools of brown and green glaze, to highlight the details of the form and accentuate it.  In the late 1990’s he developed his cream-ware, using porcelain clay without any additional colour and subsequently he began to experiment with celadon glazes. Since setting up a second studio in Jingdezhen, China in 2005, he has continued his development of celadon, working with many different varieties of porcelain clay. Most of his pieces are intended for the serving of food, generous dishes, plates and jugs, which encourage the celebration and ritual of a meal.

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Working in Bath and Jingdezhen, China

1963-1966   Daisei-Gama Pottery, Mashiko, Japan
1966-1973   Established workshop in Mashiko
1973             Moved to UK

Takeshi Yasuda has work in the following public collections:

Crafts Council, London
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Cleveland Craft Centre, Middlesbrough
Ulster Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland
York City Art Gallery, York
Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter
Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire
Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead
Hove Museum & Art Gallery, Hove
Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Norwich
Portsmouth City Museum, Portsmouth
Newport Museum & Art Gallery, Newport, Wales
Peterborough City Museum and Art Gallery, Peterborough
Chesterfield College of Technology & Art, Chesterfield
Cumbria College of Art & Design, Cumbria
Derbyshire College of Art & Technology, Derbyshire
West Surrey College of Art & Design
Bergens Kunsthandwerks, Skole, Norway
Bolton Museum
Keramion, Germany
Gateshead Hove Museum & Art Gallery

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