Woosun Cheon

Since 2015, Woosun has been experimenting with vessel forms, specifically jars inspired by traditional Korean ceramics. He has developed a method of dividing space into small units, working with metal wire to fill these areas almost as if he is sketching lines with a pencil. Each length of wire is a marking and all meet within a framework to create a whole.

Depending on the intended effect, the wires are arranged in various directions. Thus, the temperament and aesthetic of the piece reflects the artist’s state of mind, an essential aspect to the process and result.

For Woosun, linear experimentation is at the core of his work, however, to achieve this, his technical skills must match the perfection he pursues. Each wire is painstakingly welded with extreme precision, demonstrating Woosun’s mastery of welding.

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Working in Seoul, South Korea

2004                Kyonggi University, South Korea, MFA Major Metal Craft
2002                Kyonggi University, South Korea, BFA Major Metal Craft

Woosun Cheon has work in the following Public Collections:

Cheongju Craft Biennale, Cheongju, South Korea
Korea Craft Culture Association, Iksan, South Korea
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Bank, Seoul, South Korea
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Government Art Bank, Seoul, South Korea
Seoul Metropolitan Government Culture Headquarters Museum Division, Seoul, South Korea
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania, USA

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