‘Blown Away Vase; Collision of Particles’ by Elizabeth Fritsch is acquired by the Sainsbury Centre

June 2022

The Sainsbury Centre of Visual Arts, part of the University of East Anglia, have acquired Blown Away Vase; Collision of Particles, 2008, by Elizabeth Fritsch.

Impressed by the size and complexity of Fritsch’s Blown Away Vase; Collision of Particles (2009), the Centre was determined to acquire this tall, coil-built vessel from Adrian Sassoon. Its leaning form with elliptical rim has been sculpted to give the vase a distinctive asymmetrical shape. Here, Fritsch expresses her combined interest in music and mathematics, producing harmony and discord through the arrangement of cubes.

Robert and Lisa Sainsbury were passionate about studio ceramics and amassed an enviable collection that included twentieth-century greats Lucie Rie and Hans Coper. The Centre is delighted that works by Britton and Fritsch will be displayed alongside their male contemporaries, drawing much-needed attention to the women artists who were central to the development of post-modern ceramics. Chief Curator, Tania Moore, says.

‘The inclusion of important figures like Britton and Fritsch helps to address the gender imbalance prevalent in many cultural institutions and demonstrates the radical contribution women have made to the arts in the UK.’”