Bubble Bowl II, 2017

Sterling silver 925 and blue enamel

Height 3.5cm (1 3/8")
Diameter 8cm (3 1/8")


Private Collection, London, 2018


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More about Bubble Bowl II, 2017

Each bowl is pressed on a hydraulic press using male and female steel formers. The edge of the bowl is ‘caulked’ with the hammer to ensure there is a lip to enamel to. Using a micro motor and metal burr tools, the bubbles are engraved into the surface of the silver. The silver is then annealed twice to ensure metal stability before the enamelling process. It is finally prepared for enamelling with a glass brush. The vitreous enamel is ground in a mortar and pestle to ensure a smooth consistency is achieved. The enamel is applied to the surface of the silver wet using a quill. This is a very delicate process as you are asking the enamel to ‘stick’ to the sides of the bowl! Once the surface is covered with the enamel the piece is fired in a kiln until the glass melts. Once cooled the enamel is applied again with the quill for at least another two layers and is fired each time in between. When the required colour and thickness of enamel has been achieved the surface of the enamel is ground back by hand using carborundum and diamond papers to an even surface. The bowl then receives its final firing. Once the enamel is completed the bowl is polished.