Dunes, 2008

Cast, coloured porcelain painted with black glaze

Made by Robin Best and Nyukana Baker in Adelaide and Alice Springs, Australia

Height 58.5cm (23")
Width 18cm (7 1/8")
Depth 13cm (5 1/8")


£ 7,000


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More about Dunes, 2008

Robin Best, together with tribal elder Nyukana Daisy Baker, established the Ernabella Pottery in the Pitjantjatjara/Yankitjara lands of central Australia. The pair of vessels is a collaboration between the two artists about the sand dunes that cover a vast area of country near Uluru, (Ayres Rock) central Australia. The sand pattern painted by Baker is known as a walka and is more usually found applied on punu (mulga wood figures) using a hot wire (poker work). The blackened vessel that sits next to the walka vessel is representative of the bushfire, a common method used by aboriginal hunters for herding animals. The vessels themselves are cast in many layers of fine coloured porcelain, and when viewed directly from above, a pair of deep waterholes can be imagined. Waterholes are the life’s blood of the desert allowing Aboriginal people to travel vast distances without carrying water.

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