East Meets West, 2018

Hand-built and glazed porcelain

Height 84cm (33 1/8")
Width 34cm (13 3/8")
Depth 26cm (10 1/4")


Private Collection, New York, 2019


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More about East Meets West, 2018

East Meets West is the encounter of two cultures; the West, symbolised by Mickey Mouse, and the East, symbolised by the Chinese Imperial Guardian Lions, or Foo Dogs. Mickey Mouse is provably one of the most recognised icons of the West. The Disney character was created to represent happiness and fun, dreams, bringing families together and a smile to everyone’s face no matter the age. The brand has come to portray American culture and consumerism due to its global marketing and merchandising. The Imperial Lions or Foo Dogs, were originally the decorative and symbolic guardians of palaces, temples and important buildings dating back to the Han Dynasty in China. They always came in pairs, representing the Yin (female), with a cub under her paw, and the Yan (male) with an embroidered ball under his paw. They were believed to have protective benefits, and were brought by Chinese people to every country they migrated to. Today they are one of the most common icons of the East; found not only in most Chinese establishments around the world but among many other Asian cultures that adopted them. In this work I represent the duality of cultures that blend and overcome in a globalised world.

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