Figure: Astarte, 2022

Hand-carved Egyptian porphyry

Height 63.3cm (24 7/8")
Width 11.6cm (4 5/8")
Depth 9.2cm (3 5/8")


£ 75,000


£ $
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More about Figure: Astarte, 2022

"The theme of simple figures has been a constant in my sculpture and is drawn from the background of cultures within which I work. This sculpture ‘became’ Astarte as the piece developed. The material itself reflecting cosmic events, images of stars, super novi and eclipses. All are embedded in the stone, leading us to a queen of the Heavens which was the domain of this ancient Syrian deity. Her association with war and sexuality are elements that appeal to my interest in the layering of meaning. This ‘seam’ of porphyry has layering in addition to other historical symbolism as the exclusive material of Roman Emperors."  Stephen Cox, 2022

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