Frozen Forest; A Pair of Candlesticks, 2016

Sterling silver 925, 3020g


Height 27.5cm (10 7/8")
Width 13cm (5 1/8")
Depth 19.5cm (7 5/8")


Private Collection, Hong Kong, 2017


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More about Frozen Forest; A Pair of Candlesticks, 2016

These candlesticks are partly inspired by a very rare and large pair of 18th Century silver-gilt candelabra in the collection of the Dukes of Portland, Welbeck Abbey, Nottinghamshire, UK. These truly rare examples of British rococo silver are illustrated here when disassembled by Junko Mori on a research trip to Welbeck Abbey. They have elements of leaves and of insects brought together from individual pieces in the 18th century just as Junko works today, hence their impact on her work. Junko Mori’s dried plant collections – the main inspiration for these Candlesticks. Dried plants were assembled in small combinations and encased in a particularly fine casting matrix; the plants were burnt out allowing Sterling silver 925 to be cast which by the nature of the process means that only a single casting of each element is possible.