Greek Migration: Greek Heroes Pass Australian Border Control, 2014

Glazed cast translucent porcelain with Xin Cai painting and 24ct gold foil on stopper.

Made by the artist in Jingdezhen, China.

The Immigration Restriction Act of 1899 allowed for Australian officials to impose a dictation test in any European language to any intended migrant. The advantage was weighted on the side of the officials as they could choose a language unknown to the applicant; hence in 1909 no one passed the dictation test.

Odysseus and Oedipus, both heroes of Greek Mythology made great journeys over sea and land, having their courage and intelligence tested on a number of occasions. After years of travelling both heroes arrived at their respective destinations only to find more danger lurking there.

Height 14.5cm (5 3/4")
Width 7.5cm (3")
Depth 3cm (1 1/8")


Private Collection, Scotland, 2015



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