Here and There; A Chinese Lady in Waiting, 2010

White porcelain with cobalt blue pencil drawing

Height 35cm (13 3/4") 
Width 19.5cm (7 5/8") 
Depth 9cm (3 1/2")


Private Collection, London, 2014


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More about Here and There; A Chinese Lady in Waiting, 2010

Side One: The Chinese lady in the foreground observes the scene of 18th century Kew Gardens with the famous Pagoda in the background designed by Sir William Chambers and based on the Porcelain Pagoda in Nanjing, China. While the kangaroos, first brought to England by Lieutenant Lidgbird Ball in April 1792, feed happily on the lawns at Kew – they look to the Chinese Lady who is the key to Australia’s future prosperity.

Side Two: This is the scene of the first settlement at Sydney Cove and the point of embarkation of the first kangaroos to sail to England. The emu observes the slightly comic character of the aborigine dressed as an English soldier. In 1810 aboriginal elder Bennelong was taken to England as a curiosity and where he was received briefly into English society - Bennalong Point is site of the Sydney Opera House.

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