Mother & Daughter Pot of Symbols, 2001

Crystalline-glazed stoneware

Height 102cm (40 1/8")
Diameter 82cm (32 1/4")

KM1693 KM1694

Private Collection, USA, 2023


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More about Mother & Daughter Pot of Symbols, 2001

This impressive pair of monumental, hand-built (coiled) pots is one of the first examples of Malone’s explorations in scale. They were originally commissioned to stand in the entrance of the office buildings connected to the Old Bailey and Royal Courts of Justice. The pots are adorned with symbolic sprigged imagery such as the honeybee for industry, the lotus for purity and the pineapple for generosity. These wonderful vases are characteristic of Malone’s early play with narrative. The arrangement of these sprigged images is also significant. The ‘Mother’ pot is decorated in an ordered, regulated manner – denoting her wealth of knowledge and sense of decorum. By way of contrast, the ‘Daughter’ is decorated with larger sprigs, emanating from the foot ring – demonstrating her youth and energy.