Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not), 2020

Hand-built and glazed porcelain

Height 62cm (24 3/8")
Width 77cm (30 3/8")
Depth 23cm (9")


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More about Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not), 2020

"Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) refers to a biblical scene in which Mary Magdalene, astounded by meeting the resurrected Jesus, is compelled to touch him in order to believe. Jesus gently states, “noli me tangere”, from now on the link between humans and Christ must no longer be physical.

"Many artists throughout history have depicted this subject in Christian art. My work represents the meeting of East and West; two cultures, two religions, at the very point of encounter, just before one hand touches another unexpected hand in total blindness. Noli Me Tangere deals with the unknown. The unknown of what one cannot see because an incorrectly worn mask has rendered sight impossible. The masks are the face of Mickey Mouse, the greatest and most recognised American icon.

"From now on, one does not need to touch to believe, it is now faith.

"Taking my references from history and history of art, I have used the figures of Guan Yin, following the Blanc de Chine tradition, and a Christian monk, very much inspired by the paintings of Francisco de Zurbarán. I have concentrated on the differences and then similarities of the two, the difference in the quality of the ropes and the similarity in the gesture of the hands."

Enrique Perezalba Red, 2020

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