Penitent, 2018

Hand-built and glazed porcelain

Height 52cm (20 1/2")
Width 31cm (12 1/4")
Depth 24cm (9 1/2")


Private Collection, London, 2019


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More about Penitent, 2018

This work is a wink to the historical blanc de chine figure of Guanyin, the Buddhist personification of compassion and kindness.

Mickey Mouse disguised as Guanyin defies the hieratism of the traditional Chinese figures and adopts the European baroque mannerism, twisting in a spiral and posing as a penitent, an iconic subject in Christian iconography.

Penitent is a paradox of cultural, historical and stylistic references.

My intention is to evoke ideas and images in our imagination, outside of their original context.

The choice of porcelain in a transparent glaze and the delicate, elaborate modelling is deliberate, to link the work to the original blanc de chine historical pieces.

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