Portals, 2016

Unique object made by Additive Layer Manufacturing from a high quality nylon material with a cream soft mineral coating

Inspired by The Royal Museum of Scotland building

Height 15cm (5 7/8")
Width 33cm (13")
Depth 46cm (18 1/8")


Royal Museum of Scotland, UK, 2016


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More about Portals, 2016

Portal may refer to: • A magical or technological doorway that connects two locations, dimensions, or points in time. • Portal (architecture), a gate, door, or the extremities (ends) of a tunnel.   'Portals is my response to the above definitions, particularly in relation to the Royal Museum of Scotland, where entering the building has a transformative effect. The visitor becomes a time traveller, moving between the early days of the universe through the evolution of life on earth to the creation of cultures and complex societies. Portals also reflects my interest in the cultural role that architecture plays in society. Buildings are more than just stone or steel, slate or glass, they have meaning beyond the physical. They make statements, reflect their creator’s personality and polarise opinion. Inspired by 19th century architectural models, Portals is a hybridisation of the museum’s architectural styles, demonstrating that life is change and that museums not only illuminate the past, but also shine a light into the future.' - Michael Eden, February 2016