Silver Poetry; Spring Fever Ring, 2014

Forged Fine silver 999, 8,815g

An exceptional example of Mori’s work. this wreath is assembled from handfulls of 31 different silver elements.


Height 35cm (13 3/4")
Width 35cm (13 3/4")
Depth 17cm (6 5/8")


Purchased by Temple Newsam, Leeds, 2017


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More about Silver Poetry; Spring Fever Ring, 2014

'In 2008 I entered my work into the prestigious Schoonhoven Silver Award. The competition called for artworks to respond to the brief of 'poetry in silver'. Silver Poetry; Spring Fever Ring is the most ambitious piece in a series of work inspired by this concept. Initially I drew inspiration from the Haiku, a traditional Japanese poem where beauty is created following strict rules. Later, I discovered that a slightly longer version of this ancient Japanese poetry exists called a Tanka. The Tanka consists of 31 syllables instead of Haiku's 17 syllables. This extension and increased complexity challenged me to create a new work that could be larger in scale and more chaotic in its aesthetic. In addition to this poetic inspiration, I was also keen to demonstrate the influence of my surroundings. Since moving to a corner of North Wales I have been unconsciously inspired by the wild coastline, especially the amazing rock pools. I realised that the phenomenon of ‘spring fever’ existed not just in the forests and fields on land, but also under the sea. I remember finding a large rusty iron ring that had perhaps been part of anchor. It had been submerged for some time and was covered by all sorts of plants and creatures. The ring shape also appealed to me because it symbolised infinity and the unbroken chain of life.' - Junko Mori