Spyridon Reliquary, 2012

Made by Additive Layer Manufacturing from a high quality nylon material with a purple mineral soft coating and details in 24ct gold leaf

Height 34cm (13 3/8")
Diameter 18cm (7 1/8")


£ 9,000


£ $
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More about Spyridon Reliquary, 2012

'A reliquary is a devotional object, usually containing a physical relic of a saint or an object associated with them. The form of this Reliquary was inspired by the collection of religious artefacts in the new Medieval & Renaissance Galleries of the V&A. I created the outer ‘skin’ of the object using Rhino 3D software. The complex structure was then produced using experimental software that generates a fractal growth. In other words the structure was literally grown, both at the design stage and in the 3D printing process. An algorithm formulated on the branching of plants and trees governs the fractal growth. I created this structure in order to allude to the mathematical system that determines how all living organisms grow as opposed to the creation myths that underpin much religious belief. The Reliquary contains a personal relic, one of my wooden ribs, a tool used for many years when I threw pots on the wheel. I have encased it in 24ct gold leaf to reflect the value of the tools and craft skills required to make objects. The name of the Reliquary refers to Saint Spyridon, the patron Saint of potters and the use of a rib is both a play on words and also offers viewers an opportunity to think about the relationship between traditional and digital tools and technology.' - Michael Eden