The Hand, 2013

Made by Additive Layer Manufacturing from a high quality nylon material with mineral soft coating and details in gold leaf

Height 32cm (12 5/8")
Width 37cm (14 1/2")
Depth 13cm (5 1/8")


£ 12,000


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More about The Hand, 2013

'The Hand celebrates craft and is dedicated to those who make with skill. The fact that it was made using digital technology might appear contradictory, but through this piece I wish to emphasise that the use of these new tools requires the same levels of haptic skill and tacit knowledge that are required in traditional making. Hidden from view inside the piece is one of my metal modelling tools, used by me for many years. It was chosen both as a reference to the ulna, one of the bones often contained in arm reliquaries and in honour of the importance and value that makers give their tools. Having made ceramics by hand for over 25 years, the attraction of digital technology is the ability to produce artworks that were previously impossible to make. For me this engagement with a new creative language is heavily reliant on my previous experience and embraces, rather than rejects traditional skills. It was created using Computer Aided Design software (CAD), a process that took many hours of intense work and once satisfied with the form, the CAD files were used to print the piece, slowly, layer by layer. The coatings and gold leaf were then applied, followed by the assembly of the Hand.' - Michael Eden