The Sphere, 2018

Hand-carved black basalt

Height 9.5cm (3 3/4")
Width 16cm (6 1/4")
Depth 8.5cm (3 3/8")


£ 16,400


£ $
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More about The Sphere, 2018

“The sphere of darkness imprisoned within knows its place: it knows its insignificance to the chaotic power of Nature, and wisely dares not try to escape out of the piece unless asked (ie. the box opened). I like to think that the black rocks represent Nature laughing at the rationality of Mankind, rather than the usual other way around, which our purveyors of Progress still think they will get away with. The stone is black basalt from the mountains of the Black Desert west of the Nile, near the Bahareya Oasis in Egypt. The two pieces naturally split apart long ago (no idea how long). You can see this from the wind’s sand-polished erosion on the upper surfaces of these stones. Rocks like this cover entire hills and plains, cracked and scattered in time by weather and other forces in the middle of the desert.”

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