The Sacred Peanut, 2016

Hand-carved volcanic dyke with a green gold and gilded bronze element

Height 9.5cm (3 3/4")
Width 20.5cm (8 1/8")
Depth 16cm (6 1/4")


£ 15,000


£ $
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More about The Sacred Peanut, 2016

'This material is a geological detritus, I suppose. It is a material that is a bi-product of the cooling process of diverse materials which have been squeezed out of the vents in the volcanic flues around the forming basalt, causing vitrification of the surface. Polishing has revealed the marble-like quality of this stone due to superheated silica which has met with a rapid cooling. The rhomboidal shape of the sculpture is characteristic of the ‘crystalline’ behaviour of cooling rock. The double hemisphere void in the stone was the result of deciding on the most interesting shape within the form. The figure of eight-like shape suggested that a ‘peanut’ form could reside within it which has been the culmination of the process.' - Stephen Cox

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