Voxel Vessel XI, 2019

Made by Additive Layer Manufacturing from a high quality nylon material with a soft mineral coating and coloured silver leaf interior

No. 5 in an edition of 5 in various colours

Height 32.5cm (12 3/4")
Width 20cm (7 7/8")
Depth 17.5cm (6 7/8")



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More about Voxel Vessel XI, 2019

Voxel (ˈvɒksəl) A voxel represents a single sample, or data point, on a regularly spaced, three-dimensional grid. The Voxel vessel explores the relationship between the actual world of real objects and the virtual world of digital technology. The starting point for the Voxel Vessel was the virtual tour of the Château de Fontainebleau via the Google Art Project. It allows the viewer to float through galleries and museums, and zoom in on anything that catches our fancy. Why join the queues when you can stroll through the empty galleries from the comfort of your armchair? It is an extraordinary technical achievement, a very useful tool, but it’s not the real thing, you can’t smell the oil paint and you can’t quite walk all the way round the sculptures. It is a 2D representation of the real world. The voxel cube structure was ‘wrapped’ around a typical vase of the period, and represents the loss of sensory experience when accessing the real world through a screen. The coloured silver leaf interior is a reference to the beauty of the original ceramic objects and in honour of the craftsmanship in their manufacture. The creation of the Voxel Vessel was made using CAD 3D software over many hours and 3D printed using the latest Selective Laser Sintering technology. Michael Eden, 2014