1 September - 31 October 2023

Inspired by Lanhydrock: Hitomi Hosono

Lanhydrock, Bodmin, Cornwall, United Kingdom, PL30 5AD

Inspired by Lanhydrock’s ceramic and botanical collections, renowned artist Hitomi Hosono has created 10 new pieces which will go on display this autumn.

Hitomi’s crisp, detailed botanical work, created in her signature white porcelain, will sit amongst Lanhydrock’s existing ceramic collection.

1 September to 31 October 2023
Lanhydrock, Cornwall

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Inspired by Lanhydrock: ceramics, botany, artists is an exciting collaboration with artist Hitomi Hosono. Visit this new exhibition to see Hitomi’s Lanhydrock-inspired ceramics on display amongst the high-Victorian interiors. Delve into the methods and materials to learn the story behind the creation of these exquisite works in porcelain.

For centuries Lanhydrock has been a source of beauty and inspiration; the delicate plasterwork ceilings and welcoming interiors, the lush, green parkland and dappled woodland walks and the riotous colour in the garden changing throughout the seasons. Over the past two years, both the house and garden collections have inspired Hitomi Hosono to create new ceramic artworks which will go on display this autumn. This is a unique opportunity to see stunning contemporary pieces inspired by Lanhydrock amongst the existing historic collection.

Arriving from busy and noisy London, I felt time gradually slowing as I walked towards Lanhydrock; nature was inviting me into this wonderful house. Magnolia-covered walls grabbed my attention; I felt this is a place for plants.

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