20 January - 14 March 2014

Kate Malone: A Celebration of Clay

Lobby, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London

The ceramics of Kate Malone are based in her love and observations of the natural world. The pieces are generous and giving, reflecting her generosity of spirit. When embarking on her career, Malone thought that she would make beautiful but practical ceramics, tableware for people to enjoy. Because of her robust way of working with clay she found that her pieces could not compete with the good design of mass-produced items found in Ikea or the Conran Shop. Instead she found her metier in vases of the most exotic kind, redolent of Art Nouveau, Victorian majolica, Minton and Palissy for example.

For this exhibition Malone has chosen to show pairs of ceramics from some of the themes that recur time and again in her repertoire. Pumpkins, Fennels, Gourds and Atomics are represented. The display is a unique opportunity to view an important group of large-scale work, alongside some of Kate’s domestic-scale signature forms made over the past few years.