16 March - 24 March 2019

TEFAF Maastricht, 2019

Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Centre Maastricht, The Netherlands

Adrian Sassoon presents a curated selection of ceramics, metalwork, glass, hardstone and jewellery.


Two highlight pieces that we are taking to TEFAF Maastricht this year are:


Uncontrollable Beauty; Cloud Tanka, 2018

Forged Fine silver 999, 12,035g

Height 55cm (21 5/8″) Width 58cm (22 7/8″) Depth 62cm (24 3/8”)

We are excited to be showing the largest work in pure silver that Japanese-born metalsmith, Junko Mori has ever made. She created this through a process of hand-forging thousands of silver elements before welding them together to create a unique, botanically-ispired composition. A work of this scale and complexity is unprecedented and is truly a worthy of a place in the history of British silver. 




A Monumental Atomic Magma Vase, 2018

Crystalline-glazed stoneware 

Height 96cm (37 3/4″) Width 60cm (23 5/8″) Depth 40cm (15 3/4”)

This monumental vase by Kate Malone showcases her confident vision of form and sensitive use of crystalline-glazes perfectly. The dynamic and playful elements that decorate this elegant vase become a canvas for glazes to drip, pool and crystallise. Kate was inspired to make this sculptural work of art following a recent commission from Shipley Art Gallery to make a similar piece in scale and conception.