Detail of a sculpture by Hitomi Hosono Ceramic sculpture by Hitomi Hosono
Ceramic sculpture by Hitomi Hosono

Indianapolis Museum of Art purchase ‘A Very Large Feather Leaves Bowl’ by Hitomi Hosono

We are delighted to announce that the Indianapolis Museum of Art have purchased A Very Large Feather Leaves Bowl by Hitomi Hosono.

“My technique was initially inspired by Wedgwood’s Jasperware, pioneered by Josiah Wedgwood over 200 years ago, in which thin ceramic reliefs or ‘sprigs’ were applied as surface decoration to a piece. First, I design a leaf or flower sprigs by studying organic botanical forms. I analyse the plant forms by looking, touching and drawing. I examine how the veins of a leaf branch and how its edges are shaped. After the completion of original sprig models and the plaster moulds, I press-mould hundreds of leaf sprigs in porcelain and carefully and patiently carve the finer details. I then apply the porcelain leaves in layers onto a form thrown on a potter’s wheel.  I apply the leaves so densely that the underlying shape is entirely hidden, like the multitude of green leaves which obscure the branches of a tree.” – Hitomi Hosono


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